Hello and welcome to JmbBrass! My name is Jon Buchholz, and I am a musician, teacher, and student. I began teaching private lessons in 2012- my senior year of high school! My first student was my next-door neighbor who was a bassoon primary, but wanted to participate in marching band as a baritone player. When I started my Bachelor's degree at the University of West Georgia, I only had one or two students. However, after five years of VERY hard work, I was able to grow my network and enjoy a healthy, successful studio with consistent district, all-state, and honor band participants.

Enrolling in private lessons is a decision that will greatly affect anyone’s playing ability and musicality for the rest of their career. While lessons are greatly beneficial to the growth of any student of music, lessons are most beneficial over a long period of time in comparison to the generic timeframe of District and All-State auditions. Students at JmbBrass are encouraged and expected to work hard and be enthusiastic about becoming a better musician.

My goal in life as a music educator is not to exclusively inspire music majors. It is to positively impact generations of students and teach them how to properly perform, appreciate and love music. When asked about why I want to teach, I often respond with: "I don't want to teach; I want to change lives". So what are you waiting for?! Start your lessons TODAY!!!


Life begins outside of your comfort zone.